Friday, October 1, 2010

{TP Roll Halloween Brag Book}

Yes, you read the title right. TP, as in toilet paper. I made the above brag book out of toilet paper rolls. Crazy, huh? A couple of months ago my daughter Kylie was surfing the web for new album ideas and she found someone who made these little albums. She made the most adorable one for a friend and I fell in love with it and the idea. I've wanted to make one ever since.

I'm not sure I've ever said this, but I am a Bo Bunny-a-holic. I love all things Bo Bunny. I think they are an amazing company who get's today's crafter and makes a product that is loveable, useable and reasonable. A few weeks back, I bought the Bo Bunny WHOO-LIGANS line. It's been sitting on the corner of my scrap desk just staring me down and waiting to see what I will create with all of it! °Ü° I do have plans for it, but I thought it would make the perfect little TP album given that I wouldn't be using a ton of it.

So, I gathered it all together, and my TP rolls, 5 of them. First, I took the rolls and flattened them out really good.

Don't worry if they aren't totally flat, because as you can see from the pic they don't go completely flat until you paint them. I didn't get any pics of that part of the process, but I just took some black acrylic paint and and brushed it on each roll, first one side letting it dry and then the other. Once they were completely dry, I smashed them flat and they cooperated!

Now that that part was over with, it was time for the fun part... creating! Here's a look at all the pages:

The Back cover

Once I got all of my pages done, I created 5 tags, one for each roll. They slide right into the open ends of the album. I love that!

So that's it! Like I said in the post below, I would have never thought of using TP rolls to create an album, but how great is it to Scrap GREEN? I it! Plus, it's an easy and fast project. Took me about 4 hours, but now that I know what I am doing, I am pretty sure that I can get the next one done in under 3.

So, let me know what you think about it; Weird? Crazy? Cute? Would you make one? I'd love to hear what you think!


Jennifer said...

I think it is very cute, but because I am not a fan of brag books, I would use the pages as tags and such on my scrapbook layout. I might even use one as the cover of a card.

The Avid Scrapper said...

That's a really cute idea! I like that. °Ü°

Melissa Dunsmoor said...

I love it! I would totally make one! Would have never thought to make one out of TP rolls!

Amanda said...

What are brag books? I want to make them but wouldn't know how to use them!

The Avid Scrapper said...

Amanda, brag books are simply small scrapbooks that you can carry with you and show to others to "Brag" about your kids, family, pets, babies, grandkids... etc! Anything that can fit into a purse, I consider a "brag book"!

kim said...

Love this! Your designs and color combinations are beautiful.

Going to try this for a baby shower gift and put the gift card on one of the tags.

The Avid Scrapper said...

Kim, Thank you! I like your idea. Sounds adorable!


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