Tuesday, October 12, 2010

{Hello BOO Kitty Halloween Scrapbook Pages}

How cute is Hello Kitty? I have had a fascination with her since I was 7 or 8. There is just something about that little face of her that draws you in and hooks you! :D

I think this is the first Hello Kitty spread I have finished. I am so excited about the way these pages turned out! Rarely do I plan layouts and have them turn out exactly as I saw them in my mind. A rare phenomenon, I tell you! °Ü°

Again, this is one of my "freedom" pages, because as you will notice, no photo mats. This gives you the choice of 5x7 down to the smallest photos you can imagine. PLUS, you can arrange them any way you choose. I love that! ♥

The entire spread.

Here is page one...

And here is page 2!

This little bat and moon pop right off the page. They are accented with glitter. How cute is he?

Hello Kitty stands about 8" tall and her costume is cut from faux black suede, so she is fuzzy just like a really black kitty should be! She also pops off the page.

Here you see some dimension. Her bow and purple sucker pop off the page as well. Both are cut from glitter card stock.

Mr. Pumpkin is cut from glitter card stock, too.

You know how I loved flourishes, I had to put one in.

Here is the piece that ties the two pages together. It is shimmery and also has glitter spots on it. It need some more BLING so I outlined it with more than 50 black gem stones. I love the effect.

Here is the second part of the title. "Hello" and "Kitty" are cut from white glitter card stock. The "Boo" is cut from lined black card stock and pops off the page.

So, on the Hello Kitty Cricut cart, there isn't a Hello Kitty witch like this one. They do have one, but it wasn't the one I imagined when planning the pages. This hat is found on the Happy Hauntings cart and so I cut it and attached to Hello Kitty's head. I can't believe how cut it is. It looks like it was designed just for her!

The hat is inked and her band and buckle are glitter card stock, of course! °Ü° I also added yellow glitter to buckle for more texture.

She also is a journaling tag! Yes, just pull her hat up and she pulls out to reveal a spot for journaling. Her hands stay put and the tag is attached so that when you slide her back in, her chin fits nicely over the paper.
The papers are all a little different, which brings great texture to the pages. There is heavy card stock, shimmer paper, glitter card stock and textured card stock.

This was such a fun page to create! Can't wait to get more done!

Designed and Created by CJL
The Avid Scrapper 2010

Please do no copy for resale. Thank You.

This spread is still available for purchase!  Not in my Etsy store so please contact me, personally, via email. Cost is $45 + Shipping


Maria Elena said...

Oh My GOSHHHHH ...This is ADORABLE, Hello Kitty is my best character ever. Love this project girl... I can't wait to get my own inspiration from this !!! You are so creative - Congrats !

Have a great Tuesday ;-)

D'On Marx said...

Too cute as always. You're my scrapbook idol. :)

The Avid Scrapper said...

Maria Elena, thanks so much! Your comment made my day! I'd love to hear about your pages when you are done. :D

D'On, I am blushing! :D Your are too stinkin' kind. ♥ya


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