Monday, October 11, 2010

{Monster Mash Halloween Scrapbook Pages}

I have always wanted to go as the Bride of Frankenstein for Halloween! I think it would be fun for my husband and I to dress and Frank and Bride. One of these years. How morbidly cute are these two?

I have started scrapping my pages with a little freedom built into them. What do I mean by this? Well, as you can see, there are no photo mats. When you create a page using no distinct photo mats, it gives you room to play with photos later. You can add 5x7s, 4x6s or lots of 4x4s or 3x3s and the best part of all? You can add a variation of all sizes. Add as many or few as you would like. It is a freedom I have come to love about designing this way. Be honest, what do you think about it?

The title is large! It is a 3D title in that the letters are popped up from the black shadowing. The "MONSTER" is cut from glitter card stock and the "MASH" is cut from distressed looking papers.

The mummy is so thick! All of the characters are. There is tons of layering that make up each image. making them sturdy. I cut extra layers for the mummy so he would have that genuine wrapped look. I also used Stickles for his eyes and black spots, which gives the glitter look I was going for. The spider web behind him is accented with a silver glitter gel pen and the spider is cut from faux suede paper and popped up for dimension. He has glitter eyes, too.

A little more of a close-up so you can see all of the glitter effects.

The title. The letters are inked with purple

Journaling frame. It is actually 2 frames layered one on top of the other. The bottom one has white glitter that shines through the edges of the smaller, upper frame. Now that I look at it, I think it needs gems with I will go in and put on. Don't you think? I love the little pumpkin. He's a bit different but certainly fits in with this crowd.

He's a cooky little guys, isn't he? :D

I love tulle and I think it looks great with Halloween decor! Plus I think it brings the feminine touch the pages needs. The little "button" has a 31 on it.

Notice that through out the spread, I have distressed and inked the edges.

And here they are! Looks like she is taking his hand for a dance that he is reluctantly asking for, doesn't it? Cracks me up.

Here's Frank. I love his expression. He is so not impressed! Again, I used Stickles for his eyes and the white V part of his neck. His bolts are cut from brushed metal looking paper. I also cut extra pieces so that there was a distinction between his shirt, pants and shoes.

I also inked around his face and hands to add some dimension.

I think she looks ghoulishly-fabulous! °Ü° I added some purple chalk to her hair and her famous white stripe is decorated with glitter (Stickles). He dress was cut from spider web paper, but was a little boring so I took my glitter gel pen and traced the web to give her some more sparkle!

She has a little purple eye shadow and red glitter lips. °Ü°

Here you can see all the layers and the fact that they are popped off the page. The black cat is also cut from black faux suede paper and has red glitter eyes and a little purple bat color.

So that's it! I love Halloween and had a blast creating this page. I have at least 2 more spreads I am working on from the cartridge; Happy Hauntings.

Happy Haunting to you! ;)

Designed and Created by CJL
The Avid Scrapper 2010

Please do no copy for resale. Thank You.

This spread is still available for you to purchase! Not in my Etsy store, so please contact me personally, via email.  Cost is $45 + Shipping


Jennifer said...

I like it with out photo mats. Your right,it gives you much more freesom.

The Avid Scrapper said...

Thanks for your comment, Jennifer! Not everyone likes it, I know, but I love the having the choice of size and number of photos. :D

Elegante Family said...

That is very cute. I just finished a page swap page and I used the Frankenstine, and bride. I LOVE them!!! That Happy Hauntings cart is awesome.Good Work!

The Avid Scrapper said...

Thanks so much! Aren't they the cutest monster couple ever?

Jennie said...

Hi there, I love this LO and the Happy Hauntings cart too. I'm bidding on one of them now. I was wondering where you found the dripping font? It's fabulous. Love your work.

Oh and one more thing...THANK YOU SO MUCH for the comment about 'the cost of custom work'. It's so disheartening to work so hard (especially for a friend) because they want you to do something special for them and they love your work and then offer you barely enough to cover the cost of materials. *sigh* People will never understand the amount of effort that goes into custom work.

The Avid Scrapper said...

Hi Jennie, thank you so much! The font actually comes on the Happy Hauntings cart. You actually get 2 fonts: Spooky font and Vampire font. It's the Vampire font that "drips".

Thanks so much for your support of my rant on custom work. You used the perfect word... disheartening. It truly is. I have had that happen to me with friends in years past. I now quote them a cost before purchasing materials or starting work, or offering to show them how to do it themselves. It has worked out well.

I don't know that everyone realizes that when you create something, you are putting a little bit of yourself out there into world. It's tough coming up with a new creation and then the time that goes into breathing some life into it. It's a process that you cannot understand unless you have done it. That's why offering to teach and help others has been a help to me. If nothing, they understand! °Ü° Stand firm, don't let anyone take advantage of you or your talent, because honestly, to those who will enjoy it decades from now... it will be a priceless gift to them.

Good luck! Hope you win the bid on the cartridge. It's a fun one!

Duchess Productions said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jennie said...

Well said indeed. I did get the cartridge and I see the Monster Mash. This really is a great cart. I love your work and that's coming from someone who truly knows what it means to put heart and soul into the LOs. All the best.


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