Sunday, May 15, 2011

{The Lone Easter Card}

This is it!  This is the only Easter card I got made this Easter. Pathetic, isn't it?  °Ü° 

One Saturday, I got all of my K&Co Spring supplies out ready to go. I had scrapper's block something terrible!  My daughter, sat opposite the table from me and made 15 cards in the time it took me to create a layout and get this one little, simple card put together. I need less stress to craft, at the same time, scrapping and paper crafting help reduce my stress. It's a crazy cycle that requires balance. Right now... there is no balance, hence only one card.     

I miss scrapping and card making.  I miss teaching my classes!  I have so many ideas for projects and want to get to work on them, but don't have the time. I am still getting the house packed and doing last minute touch ups on it.  I want it to be perfect and I am driving myself crazy (my husband and children, as well) I hope we get a serious buyer so we can get out of here and I can resume my crafting therapy in happiness and peace.  

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter and Mother's Day. Mine were wonderful.  And hey, school's almost out! Yippee!  Looking forward to a productive summer, and more importantly, to 3 months of not having my alarm clock ring me awake at 4:15 each morning!

Happy Scrappin'! Ü



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