Monday, January 28, 2008

Winter Pages 12X12 Spread for January

The entire spread, "all Bundled up for Winter"
Page 1
Page 2

This year, the ward's scrapbook goal is to complete an entire scrapbook full of 24 12X12 pages or 12 Spreads. A worthy goal, if you ask me! We are putting together pages to coincide with that month's holiday or season. We picked "Winter" for January and these are them!
The class was actually last Thursday, the 24th, and there we 8 of us and EVERYONE got their pages finished before they left! Yahoo! So happy, it was a great class and I had lots of fun and am very much looking forward to next month's class, Valentine's Day, of course!
Layouts designed by me, CJL! Photos and images copyrighted.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Custom Gift Card Tins

I love giving gift cards! I think that they truly are the perfect gift, for anyone! The thing that I hate about giving gift cards is that I don't always feel like I am giving a "true" gift. I guess the absence of wrapping paper has a physiological effect on me. That is the reason I started designing Gift Card Tins. I can design tins for any and all occasions. They are perfect for:

  • Bridal Showers
  • Baby Showers
  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Christmas
  • Mother's Day
  • Father's Day
  • just about any occasion when gift cards are given!

Scrapbook Explosion Gift Boxes

Baby Boy Explosion Box

13 Photo mats, 6 with embellishments

Baby Girl Explosion Box

13 photos mats, 6 with embellishments

Disney Explosion Box

13 photo mats, 6 with embellishments

Pink and Brown explosion box

25 photo mats, 12 embellished

Love explosion box

tops of lid

13 photo mats, 6 with embellishments

A couple of years ago I saw one of these at a family baby shower. I thought it was adorable and very ingenious. Recently, I was thinking of a new project that I could work on and these boxes came to mind. I sat down with a stack of 12X12 card stock, a ruler and pencil and about 3 and 1/2 hours later, I had the pattern drawn up and perfected! So, while the idea certainly is not my original idea, I do pride myself in that I was able to design this particular pattern, which is a huge accomplishment since I am lousy at math! Ü
These boxes can be completely customized for any and all occasions!
  • Baby Showers
  • Bridal Showers
  • Bachlorette Parties
  • Valentine's Day (just the right size to hold a ring or other jewelry!)
  • Mother's Day
  • Father's Day
  • 4th of July
  • Halloween
  • Fall / Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • Weddings
  • the possibilities are endless!
They are the perfect size (about 4" squared) to display on a desk, end table or shelf. Everyone always is so surprised when you take the lid off and and the pages fall open! Each album holds 25 photos: the pages are double-side mounted.
Can be ordered by writing me @
Box: $32.00
S&H: Calculates by Zip Code
Pattern and Boxes Designed by CJL. Copyright 2008

Baby Diaper Invitations/Announcements

A few months back I drew up the pattern for these. They are so adorable! They make whimsical baby shower invites, great announcements and even just really cute cards to go with your gifts! (Notice that there is enough room to add a wallet sized photo of the baby for an announcement.)

Each card is hand drawn, cut and pieced together using only the very best of materials. I used double sided patterned card stock so that each one would feel really sturdy. Each diaper is lined with coordinating papers and I have inked the edges to add dimension. Ribbons are attached and little safety pins to look like they are holding the diaper together. A little onesie hangs from a string of fiber on the front. Each one is approximately 5x5. A custom envelope is made for each card as well.

Baby Girl Announcement

The inside of the announcement, note the room for the wallet sized photo

A close-up. The tag is attached with fibers and embellished with little pink feet

The tag flips up to show the baby's information

Baby Boy Shower Invitation

The inside of the invitation

Again, the tag is attached with a string of fiber and embellished with little blue feet

You can write in the information or I can do it for an additional fee

The cards you see above are examples of ones we have made in the past. THE PAPER WE USED AT THE TIME IS NO LONGER MADE. When you order yours, you can pick the colors, however, the paper will not exactly match the examples. Also, because of supply changes, eyelets, ribbons, and safety pins will be different as well. The end result is still an adorable invite/announcement but one that is custom made just for you and cannot be found nowhere else in the world! °Ü°Each of these cards is traced, hand cut and pieced together from a pattern that we made. We also hand cut and put together the envelopes for each card as there isn't one made to fit them. They are time consuming and we have been able to put in a lot of little details that make these so adorable. In spite of their size, they take quite a bit of paper to make plus all of the embellishments. We feel like we have to justify the pricing on these but it comes down to this; you get what you pay for! We get so many compliments on these because they are an unforgettable and are very different from anything you will ever send or get for an invitation or announcement!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I should add, that because the envelopes for these are square and because they are bulky in the envelope, the fee to send each one First Class Mail is about 1$, depending. They cannot be run through a machine, each has to be "hand stamped" and because of that and their individual weight, they will cost more to send.

Each cards comes so that you fill in the information, OR we can print ALL your information for you for an additional $2.oo per set. Order in sets of 10 at $40.00 per set.
I can fill orders up to 200 if you like. I do offer a 10% discount, before shipping, on orders of 60 or more. Shipping rates vary to your address from mine. All items are shipped Priority Mail.
Each handmade card includes:
♥ Double sided decorative paper
♥ Ribbon Bows
♥ Fibers
♥ Safety Pins
♥ Cute Onesie on Hanger
♥ Inking
♥ Baby Foot Print
♥ Handmade envelope
♥ and much more!

Please allow 7 days per each 20 invitations ordered! (time is before shipping)
All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2008



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