Friday, February 22, 2008

Disney "GOOFY" Premade Scrapbook Pages

I absolutely love creating Disney pages. I'd have to say they are some of the funnest to work on. I knew I wanted to create a great Disney page, but wanted to do a fun character that doesn't see a lot of face time on Ebay. I love Goofy, I think just about everyone does and so this is my tribute to him!

All 4 of the Goofies are hand pieced together. All are 3D pop dotted so that there is some dimension to the pages. I love pop dots! They always add this little something extra to a layout or a spread!

The whole thing is machine stitched and I used lots of little brads for an extra touch. Of course, your photos will slide easily under the ribbons on each matte. I made the journaling tag extra long so that you can get in the whole Goofy story! °Ü°

Here's to Goofy!

Have a bunch of Goofy pictures that need displaying? This is it then! Now available on Bidding ends Tuesday, April 1, 6pm PST


I work very hard to make sure my customers get a beautiful one-of-a-kind spread for their albums. Feel free to be inspired by my work but do not copy it. THANK YOU! °Ü°


Anonymous said...

Your work is absolutely inspiring. You obviously love what you do. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work.

In October 2007, I took my whole family (21 people) to Disneyland on a financial goal I achieved to have that dream come true. It was the most amazing experience for us all. Goofy's Kitchen was such fun. I want those pages to be the highlight of my album. Now I'm inspired.

Thanks again.


Carla said...


I am humbled that you find my work inspiring. Thank you!

2 years before my dad passed away from cancer, our entire family went to Disneyland. We had been tons of times before, but this was a special trip, we celebrated his 50th birthday and retirement there.

I am so happy that all of your family had a special trip like that. We don't realize it at the time, but every memory, every photo will become priceless to us one day! Enjoy making your Goofy pages and preserving such a great moment in life of your family.

Happy Scrappin' to you! °Ü°

Pamela Shagena said...

I just happened onto your blog...
I wanted you to know that someone in Michigan thinks your work is amazing.
Every thing I looked at made me smile.
Today I needed a smile

The Bird Nest said...

Your work is lovely! I love all the attention to detail-from the color combination to the stitching to the pop-dots. Everything is perfect.
I wanted to let you know as an FYI that a company with the address has stolen the image of your second page, as they have one of my Disneyland scrapbook pages. You will find your work on a Google image search of 'Disneyland scrapbook page' on page 11--but instead of it being linked back to your blog, it is a link to their site. I tried to contact them about stealing my work, but the 'contact me' e-mail does not work. Go figure. I guess they can thank us for the free advertising. I don't know how to go about making sure proper credit is given. Sorry they did this to you, too.

Kim said...

Fantastic color/paper choices. Love the Goofy pages!


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