Friday, February 15, 2008

Explosion Boxes of Love

I made Surprise Gift Boxes for my mom and one of her very dear friends, for Valentine's Day this year. I love the boxes once they are finished but truthfully I have never put together one with photos until this past week and WOW! Amazing! I love that I got 25 photos into a 5X5 area! (Photos are mounted front and back of pages.)

These truly are one of the best gifts that you can give someone! I think mom will love it. It has photos of her kids and grandkids in it and doesn't take up a lot of room in her home or if she decides to put it on a desk at work, it will be a great way to show off her loved ones!

Mom's I made blue and brown. She loves those colors and I made Linda's brown and pink, which I love! Both have embellishments for 6 of the photos. I keep them small because of the size and because I want the photos to be the focus.

Here's moms:

and Linda's:


Sarah & Kevin said...

Hi! I'm a friend of D'On's and would LOVE this pattern - can you let me know how to get one from you? Such a great idea!!!

Amanda said...

Ok seriously!!! You are gonna have this on here and not have any directions or patterns??? You are teasing me!!! Please share!

The Avid Scrapper said...

Amanda, I used to sell the template for these, but no longer do so I do need to post the dimensions and how to! Thanks for reminding me. I will add it to my things to get up here on the blog. Look for it soon, k? :)


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