Tuesday, March 30, 2010

{Tuesday's Tip: MY Top 10 Cricut Cartridges}

Several times a month, I will get emails asking me what cartridges I use the most, if a certain cartridge is worth purchasing or simply which ones I would recommend to someone purchasing their first Cricut. I am all too happy to respond. The world of Cricut Cartridges is overwhelming these days! They are releasing new carts ALL the time. When I purchased my first Cricut, there were just 15-20 carts to choose from, so it has been nice to grow my library as Cricut has expanded their available images.

The cartridge I use the MOST and I mean it never leaves my Jukebox is George and Basic Shapes. This cart came with my first Cricut and it is an essential. It's the "basic shapes" that has me using it all the time. I especially use it for the tags, flowers and hearts. I also love that there is a "silhouette" cut so that I can cut any of the shapes into frames. It's a hard one to find if you don't have it, but worth hunting it down and purchasing.

There is another cart that never leaves my Jukebox and that is Storybook. I cannot tell you how happy I am that I bought this cartridge. I wasn't even sure about it when I sent for it... °Ü° It's a must, especially if you like the more modern images. I use it for frames, letters, flowers, just about everything! There are SO many cuts you get from this cart that I had to include photos of all the different modes for you to see. I am telling you, go get this one, you won't regret it.

The next one I use is Accent Essentials. This cart has some great images that you will use more than you think you will. I love the frames and the scrolls. I use the snowflake image A LOT! I also love the leaves and arrows.

The next is Home Accents. To this day, I mix it up with the Accent Essentials. To me, Home Accents is an extension of the Accent Essentials cart. I use the damask images, leaves, scrolls, frames and words a lot in my family albums. I love that it is a solutions cart and inexpensive. I got this one on sale for $21. Can't beat it. It has been in Jukebox since I got it!

I love Plantin Schoolbook. When I first bought I thought to myself, "Why did I get this one?" BUT, then I noticed I was using it and on a weekly basis! Like George, it's basic shapes are awesome and I do love the simple font. The flower, leaf and apple are the images I use the most. I do like the rick-rack, it's nice to create a long line of it on Designer Studio, though sometimes I find it easier just to use the real thing! °Ü°

I think you know that I this next one from my past couple of month's worth of posts. The Indie Art cart is a fun one. I bought it because of my daughters. I also bought it to help with creating my own high school pages. It's a great "boy" cartridge and a must if you have teens or young adults.

The next one is Fabulous Finds. I love this one because if you are running low on metal embellishments or just don't want the weight of bulk of metal embellishment, this cart offers you the perfect alternative. I use the bookplates all the time! I also love the the different tabs. You know how buying dividers for binders can be pretty pricey? I have used heavy patterned cardstock, cut it to 8.5x11 and added my own tabs. Not only do they look nicer, but I can get a exactly as many as I want and for much less $. I love this cart!

This next one is surprise for me. Stretch Your Imagination. I really didn't think I would use it very much, but I do. It has so many fun and unusual shapes on it and yet I find myself going to all the time to see if it has what I need and you know what... it usually does! Truthfully, I use it most for the flourishes, but I do cut more and more images from it every week.

This one is also one of my very first carts and I still use it all the time to this day. Doodlecharms. The cupcake, the sun, ladybug, popsicle, watermelon, bus... I could just keep going. It's a great cart for seasonal and kid pages. I don't know how any Cricut library can go without this cart. it!

Mickey and Friends is another always in the Jukebox. This cart has lots of fun everyday images that come with the bigger ones. Even if I am not working on a Disney page or card, I still find myself going to find what I need on this one. When they first announced they were releasing this one I could not wait! I paid full price for it and it has been worth every single penny. °Ü°

So, there you have it. The 10 carts I use the most.
Two of my other favorite font carts, and ones I do use regularly are:
  • Alphalicious
  • Tear Drop
Other fav character carts I use a lot:
  • Pooh and Friends
  • Hello Kitty
  • both Princess carts
  • Tinker Bell
In case you are wondering which carts I use the least, they are:
  • Paper Pups
  • Doodlefont
  • Zoobaloo.
Carts I just bought, haven't tried out yet, but are really excited about:
  • Sponge Bob Square Pants
  • Forever Young
  • Sweet Treats
  • Home Decor
  • Everyday Paper Dolls
  • Sentimentals

On my wish list:

  • Create a Critter
  • Robotz
  • Independence Day
  • Heritage
  • Just Because Cards
  • Give a Hoot
  • Preserves
  • Once Upon a Princess


D'On Marx said...

I am so missing your updates. I love, love, LOVE your tips.

Elegante Family said...

It is your favorite blog stalker, Haven't seen anything new in a while, We are missing you. I hope you are doing well, and that you are just super busy like the rest of us. Best Wishes, Brandy.

Denise said...

would you mind helping me out?? I am new to using a cricut and I have the Plantin Schoolbook and I just cannot figure out how to make one long line of the rick-rack - I just ended up very carefully matching up my pieces....


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