Saturday, March 13, 2010

{Spring Bulletin Board}

For Relief Society, which is the woman's group at my church, I am in charge of decorating and keeping our bulletin board up to date. I usually decorate to match the season's or holidays. I just put up the "Spring Board" today and wanted to share some the images with you. has the most adorable images and, as I have posted before, send out a "Freebie" pattern once a week. The adorable baby chick and bunny are images that I purchased from them. All of their patterns come in all kinds of files so that you can cut them by hand or use your die cut machine. These guys, I cut by hand because my SCAL is not working right now! Grrr... Honestly though, it didn't take much time to cut them by hand and they turned out so cute.

You have to check their sight out. I can't wait to do some Spring and Easter pages with some of the images I used on the board.

Here is the board in it's entirety:

This adorable bird I cut using the "Stretch Your Imagination" cartridge. The branch is from "Sweethearts" and the dragon fly is from "Walk in My Garden".

Here's a close-up of the dragon fly. You know me, gotta have some "bling"!

The sun is cut using the "Doodle Charms" cart.

This baby chick is the one I hand cut using the MyScrapChick pattern. How cute is she? I added ribbon and a flower to her "hair" and then I cut the grass from the "Pooh and Friends" cart and the flower and lady bug using "Walk in My Garden".

The bumble bees are from "Pooh and Friends", so CUTE!

Another dragon fly

Here's the bottom of the board. All the flowers, snail and caterpillar were cut using "Walk in My Garden" and "Pooh & Friends"

How cute is the grass hopper? He is from "Stretch You Imagination"

Caterpillar! Love him!

Wish my flower beds were looking this great right now! °Ü°

Bunny! She is so cute! Her bow is cut using the "Easter" cart.

So, that's it. If you are wondering, the backing is just patterned material. Fun board. Excited to get started on the Summer images... also from REALLY, you got to check them out! °Ü° You will them.


Elegante Family said...

Wow that is so cute! You are never going to get released if you keep doing things that amazing. Is there another ward that has a board on the other side? I would hate to be the sister in charge of that one. LOL Great work!

The Avid Scrapper said...

Brandy, I hope I never do get released from being Bulletin Board Coordinator. It is THE best calling ever! Infact, the first counselor in the Bishopric called me in this morning to call me to a new calling and I told him he couldn't release me from the bulletin board. He said the RS President wouldn't hear of it. YAY!

Yes, there is another board on the other side and the lady who does it is incredibly talented! I've know her for years and she is a crafter, too. She hasn't gotten their Spring board up yet, and she caught me in the hall today and asked if I got ours up. When I told her yes, she said, "Ok, well I will have to see what you did so I can do ours!" She is so funny.

I gotta say, I really love doing the boards! I was worried when they first called me, but they are like HUGE scrapbook pages. °Ü°


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