Sunday, May 15, 2011

{The Lone Easter Card}

This is it!  This is the only Easter card I got made this Easter. Pathetic, isn't it?  °Ü° 

One Saturday, I got all of my K&Co Spring supplies out ready to go. I had scrapper's block something terrible!  My daughter, sat opposite the table from me and made 15 cards in the time it took me to create a layout and get this one little, simple card put together. I need less stress to craft, at the same time, scrapping and paper crafting help reduce my stress. It's a crazy cycle that requires balance. Right now... there is no balance, hence only one card.     

I miss scrapping and card making.  I miss teaching my classes!  I have so many ideas for projects and want to get to work on them, but don't have the time. I am still getting the house packed and doing last minute touch ups on it.  I want it to be perfect and I am driving myself crazy (my husband and children, as well) I hope we get a serious buyer so we can get out of here and I can resume my crafting therapy in happiness and peace.  

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter and Mother's Day. Mine were wonderful.  And hey, school's almost out! Yippee!  Looking forward to a productive summer, and more importantly, to 3 months of not having my alarm clock ring me awake at 4:15 each morning!

Happy Scrappin'! Ü



keysha said...

I love this card! The colors you chose are beautiful!

Denise G said...

How are you doing? Did you ever get moved? We miss your crafting and hope to see your great work soon.

Take care and hope all is doing better now and less crazy since six months ago.

The Avid Scrapper said...

Hi Denise, better late than never, huh? No, not moved yet. This a crazy market, I'm sure you already know, but we are really close. We should be moved in the next 90 days or so. Fingers Crossed! We have a buyer and if all goes well, we will be on our way! We are pretty much packed and ready to roll, so I am excited to get moved one.

I have all kinds of projects I want to get started on soon, so hopefully you will be seeing more posts from me. Happy New Year! It was wonderful hearing from you.


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