Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Holiday Cards

I recently taught a card making class to a group of woman who wanted to get started with card making or learn the basics of creating card kits, so they could join a swap group. I designed 5 cards, all holiday themed. It was such a fun class and there were lots of us there! I love those kinds of classes- good crafts and even better conversation! Hope to do it again soon.

Here are the 5 cards:

5.5x5" Halloween

5x7 Thanksgiving

4.5x5.5 Gift Holder

This one is holding an Applebee's gift card

5.5x5.5 Christmas

4.5x5.5 Valentine

I have always been a scrapper at heart, but have truly come to love card making!
{All of my cards look like they are leaning to the right on the photos. Hmmm. Must be putting them in the scanner crooked! Sorry about that. °Ü°}

1 comment:

D'On Marx said...

Love, love, love the cards. So cute!


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