Thursday, June 26, 2008

Coming Soon from Cricut

The thing I love about Cricut is that is every expanding the goodies for our machines! Have you seen the new products coming? These are great and I am so excited about them.


First up is the Jukebox. This is something I have been waiting for them to come out with since I got my first machine almost 2 years ago! It holds 6 of your cartridges at one time. No more pulling out carts and putting the next in! Yes, you still have to change the overlays but that's a snap to do!


This is a cartridge I can't wait to get. It has some of the coolest misc graphics on it! I really love the roladex image! That is going to be a fun one.


This cartridge is a must for me. I have always wished they had more flourishes and this one has some good ones! Plus, you get the adorable alphabet.


Want free shipping on these? Go to She is offering free shipping when you place your pre-order! Hurry! They are shipping soon!


Sly Family said...

You are so talented! You have a true talent when it comes to creating amazing scrapbook pages and other crafty ideas. I love the idea about gift card tins. Also I want to be in your ward how truly lucky they are to have such an amazing crafter in their midst!!! I hope your summer is fun and relaxing!

Carla said...

Sly Family: thank you so much for your kind words! I always appreciate hearing from those you take a peek at my blog, thank you!

As for summer...just trying to survive the Vegas heat! I am staying indoors and scrapbooking where it is cool.

Thanks again for stopping by °Ü°


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