Monday, January 28, 2008

Winter Pages 12X12 Spread for January

The entire spread, "all Bundled up for Winter"
Page 1
Page 2

This year, the ward's scrapbook goal is to complete an entire scrapbook full of 24 12X12 pages or 12 Spreads. A worthy goal, if you ask me! We are putting together pages to coincide with that month's holiday or season. We picked "Winter" for January and these are them!
The class was actually last Thursday, the 24th, and there we 8 of us and EVERYONE got their pages finished before they left! Yahoo! So happy, it was a great class and I had lots of fun and am very much looking forward to next month's class, Valentine's Day, of course!
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Anonymous said...

This is really cute!!! I love this page!!


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